Resources will be available after European GAiN - Inter-European Divison - March 17-20, 2014.


Date: Title:  
03/18/2014 Internet, Radio & Evangelism - AWR Statistics and Radio 2.0 (Daryl G. & Yves S.) download
03/18/2014 HOPE Channel Web Network (Olivier G.) download 
03/18/2014 Future Internet Use (John B.) download
03/18/2014 SDA Membership Software (John B.) download
03/18/2014 Streaming (Cosmin S.) download 
03/18/2014 NETadventist (John B.) download 
03/18/2014 Adventist Website Framework (Tobias K.) download
03/19/2014 Social Media made simple (Pedro T.) download 
03/19/2014 Network Idea (Klaus P.)  download 
03/19/2014 Network Strategy (Klaus P.) download
03/19/2014 Global Youth Day (Daryl G. & Wolfgang S.) download
03/19/2014 The Heroes (Sam N.) download
03/19/2014 App Building (Vili C. & Sam N.) download 
03/19/2014  Workflow Management System for Production (Sergei) download 
03/19/2014 Adventist Design Framework (Andrew K.) download 
03/19/2014 Responsive Content Strategy (Andrew K.) download
  Bible Course App (Sven F.) download 
  The HuffingtonPost Approach (Sven F.) download
  Contact - Center download 


Picture download